Hosting blogs on virtual server

Blog writing has become a common trend today. Every person who has good writing skills will start to own a blog and there will be a lot of followers for their blog. If the blog content is covering a topic that is providing updates on the daily trends then definitely there will be a huge traffic. The network traffic on the blogs will have to be well handled without which the content will not be rendered to the users at the right time

Preference on hosting the blogs

Certain blog owners prefer to own a dedicated server if they are very choosy on hosting it in a private environment. In general day to day life the nature of every human varies and their behavior can be Pre judged based on their living setup. Most of the people prefer to live in a community or in a flat system with the preference to share the common aspects. Certain people will never be able to adapt with the sharing mechanism. The sharing in the flat system or community is supposed to be at the outer amenities but still they do not get the feel of living at a private space.

Cost of hosting

The dedicated servers are always going to be available at a higher cost compared to virtual hosting. The virtual hosting should be considered as the shared ownership. This can be referred to a community kind of living where there will be a virtual private space available for your hosting. The virtual hosting will have the same security but at a lower cost compared to dedicated hosting. Hence most of the bloggers prefer to host on virtual servers than doing it on dedicated ones

 Maintenance aspects

The virtual hosting will help you not to worry majorly on the Maintenance of the servers. In fact, it would help  you not to spend time on the Maintenance. The servers would automatically get upgraded and anything related to server management would be handled automatically and you will not be required to spend any additional cost on maintaining or upgrading the servers

 E commerce-based hosting

The blogs that are dependent on any e commerce or marketing aspects can still go ahead with this type of hosting because it will be beneficial to run such businesses at a lower cost rather than making it on a dedicated server at a higher cost

 Additional resources

The rdp virtual servers will allow us to utilize the additional resources of the server that would mostly be available at free of cost. The additional resource could just be an additional storage space that would help to maintain the size of data. Beyond days storage the additional resources could be just maintaining the images that are required for the blogs or allowing the users to download from the blogs sites. Certain virtual servers allow even a translation to different languages and it might come at a free of  costs

Intelligent services

The world is moving towards artificial intelligence and machine meaning. The virtual servers would also help us to get the statistics information about the users and they would help you manage such features along with blog hosting

Memory upgradation

If you encounter an increase in network traffic the virtual server will help upgrade the memory bandwidth. The upgrade will be a seamless process because the virtual servers will already have the provisioning available upfront in the server. Beyond memory management the bandwidth or the network issue will also be handled by the team who is currently deployed to manage the servers. The Maintenance overhead on handling the servers is completely removed from the owner of the blog. The blogger can just concentrate on the content of the blog and the owner need not concentrate on other outer entities


At times, if the server is down due to the hosting of some other site which is not related to your blog, then again there will be a certain amount of downtime for your blog site.

The dedicated server will always ensure the security at your own place. Whatever way the security measures are added there will always be a double thought to ensure and understand the security measures  of the server.

Sometimes the performance of Virtual Server might slightly get impacted due to the other hosted entities. The performance of the dedicated server would always be at a higher end because it would be completely dedicated to your own blog site.

On the whole, virtual server hosting has a lot of benefits. Main reason is that it would be cost effective, maintenance friendly and finally the resources based on hosting your blog site would be more when compared to dedicated hosting. With all these benefits the Virtual server hosting goes well and will be suitable for the blog sites. Thus, bloggers would directly choose the Virtual server.


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