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Linux Open Servers Do More Than Cost Saving

Linux has been a popular contender for operating system software against giants like Windows and Mac. Many users will conform to the enterprise backed software for the ease of establishment but advocates of open source software's have made some strong points and not all of them revolve around the cost saving factor. For many individuals and corporations, the cost of using Windows or Mac as an operating system for their server is outweighed by the functional ease and customer support features. On the contrary, Linux is used by those who wish for an operating system that is targeted infrequently by malwares and provides a wide breadth of control over features.  Clearly, every operating system has its own advantages. A user weighs all the pros and cons of every operating system before making the critical choice of using it for their server . Similarly, Linux users focus on matrix beyond cost to arrive at their decisions. Some of the advantages that tip the decision in the favor of Lin

How to Access Windows Server with Remote Desktop Access

Wish to connect to a Server via Remote Desktop Access? The process is simple if you have a few things in place: ● A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection in case of using an off-site desktop or alternatively an off-site server. Virtual Private Network creates a guest system (within the publicly used off-site cloud) which further connects to the server’s cloud for safe connection. ● A RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) installed in your Windows operating system or if you have Windows 10, it already comes with the Remote Desktop Connection Server. Remote Desktop Protocol is a feature that allows one software system to connect to another in cloud. RDP is needed on every case, irrespective of the fact if the system is off-site or on-site in case of windows or you can use ubuntu desktop vps which can give same output as windows rdc. With these two installed, any desktop can seek access to their server. There is one more requirement though: the most obvious one, an internet connection for

Why is Amazon Cloud Services expensive?

We all know Amazon is a brand, worldwide multinational company. To expand their services, they developed their cloud, known by the name Amazon Web Services or AWS. Throughout the past few years, it has grown to be an important part of the company's portfolio. And due to its reliability, it is in front of all other cloud computing platforms available in the market.  Understanding AWS: Cloud computing company Amazon Web Services offers servers, storage, networking, email, remote computing, mobile development, and security as well as a variety of other cloud computing services and products. It is distributed in three main products. First is EC2, which provides tools for Amazon customers to build virtual machines. Second is Glacier, an inexpensive cloud storage service, and S3, a network management and storage service.  Amazon Web Services has left all its competitors way behind. And it is excelling day by day in the computing world. Amazon Web Services is divided into 81 regions regar

Set up of a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Servers are the most advantageous in terms of control, scalability, privacy and security. This two comes in two categories, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. While managed servers are most in-demand for their pre-configured ease, the unmanaged provide greater freedom. The unmanaged servers are more or less blank, bare metal servers, requiring set up configuration from scratch.  - To begin with, look to your server hosting provider if they have an application or software in place that gives access to easy configuration. Or else look for configuration software’s that would ease the process of set-up without having to delve into the world of code while letting you build a customized server. - The next step is to choose a CPU core. The Central Processing Unit is responsible for running programs and software’s and a core is the most essential unit of a CPU. A core is responsible for a single run and thus, users often look to multiple core options for efficient working o